Anika here. An “Electric Company” reference to start? Anyone? Am I dating myself? Well, if you can recall or at least imagine Rita Moreno screaming that from your TV loud enough to make your liver quiver and your bladder splatter, then you’ll have a sense of my excitement about all the new and newfangled ways Jaradoa is now going to be keeping the world up on what we’re doing as we do what we do!

Jaradoa’s gonna be reaching out in ways that, quite frankly, overwhelm me. You see, I’m not on The Facebook, accessing the internet on my handheld befuddles me, and I wouldn’t even begin to know how to find the blogs everyone seems to be reading (including this one). In our Jaradoa meetings about our web presence, folks keep having to explain things to me like I’m 2 generations older than I am. I kept saying “I’m sorry, you guys, I’m 62,” until April gently informed me that her parents are both 64 and they’re both on Facebook. So I’ve had to revise that age upwards. 73 feels good.

But from what the non-septuagenarians have been telling me, it is on like Donkey Kong! We’re sassifying our website. We’re gonna be Facebooking it hard. And every week, our Members, Allies, volunteers and participants will contribute snapshots of the Jaradoa experience to this blog. We’re gonna blog it like it’s hot.

Til our next blog, I leave you with the exhilarating lyrics of my all-time favorite theme song:

We’re gonna turn it on.
We’re gonna bring you the power!
We’re gonna light up the dark of night
Like the brightest day in a whole new way.
We’re gonna turn it on.
We’re gonna bring you the power!
It’s coming down the lines,
Strong as they can be,
Through the courtesy
Of the Electric Company!
The Electric Company!
The Electric Company!

Good times…Good 1970’s times…