On this, the last Thanksgiving of the first decade of the third millennium, we asked our Jaradoa Members what they’re thankful for, and here’s what they said:

Amanda is thankful for the little baby girl in her tummy.










Andrea is thankful for Thanksgiving in New York City… the most wonderful city in the world. And she’s thankful for the extended theater family that are surrogates for family far away during the holidays.










Anika is thankful for the realization that it takes very little to affect other people’s lives in a big way. She’s also thankful for puppets, “Mad Men,” the NYC subway system, mangoes, anyone with the last name Obama, and how her families, both Larsen and Jaradoa, have grown in the last year–more babies and grown-ups to love!









April is grateful for experiencing compassion this year, both for herself and others.









Chris is so grateful to God this year for an amazing family that is supportive of him pursuing a career in the arts. He’s also thankful for Papaya Dog and the state of Kansas.










Daryl is so thankful for the constant love he receives from his family and amazing circle of friends. As an added bonus, he feels he has the combination of both with Jaradoa! Each and every breath and day shared on this side of a healthy life is a blessing to him.









Eileen is ever-so-thankful for old friends, new friends, leaps of faith, cats, dogs, Thanksgiving trips to LA, her awesome family, her newfound appreciation for scotch whiskey, and her theatrical home at Jaradoa Theater!










John is thankful for babies, beer and bbq. He wishes everyone Happy Thanksgiving from Texas.










Joshua is so grateful to be surrounded with such loving and dedicated artists–much like the ones in Jaradoa.
Also, he’s very thankful for In-N-Out Burger.










Kelly‘s thankful list is so long, but it starts and ends with loving family, good health, good friends, and the illuminating and empowering presence of art in her life.









Kevin is thankful for chances to express himself, and for the friends in his life and people who make him feel loved.










Kurt has found in traveling the world recently that people are a lot more generous and open than the news or common expectation gives them credit for. From Sydney to Casablanca, he has met lots of regular folks who are just downright awesome. So basically he’s grateful to the people of the world for being so cool.










Robert is thankful for the roof over his head, the production opportunities that continue to come his way, and the love of his family and friends. And he’s thankful that the Yankees won the World Series.







Stephanie is thankful for discounted airfare and the opportunity to go home and spend so much time with her family this year. And she is thankful for Chris motivating her to work out everyday, as she laughs her way through ridiculous exercises like the Crunchy Frog and the Groucho Walk.









Telly is thankful for all the wonderful people in his life–and especially grateful that he is going OUT with some of them for Thanksgiving dinner. No cooking, no clean-up!