We believe that the arts can teach. Do you?

Our Play On! program has proven to our educators and students the power of teaching literacy through arts. If you do believe that the arts CAN teach, help Jaradoa bring this program to two middle schools in the South Bronx.

“It is essential that we allow arts programs to be integrated throughout our curriculum.
Students like mine at MS 22 have a desire for the arts and would greatly benefit from this educational approach.
They thrive in music class and love to participate in improvisation games and activities.  Education programs that incorporate the arts in their standard curriculum often find improvement in standardized test results and increased motivation for success in core classes.  These artistic activities allow students who work best in those disciplines to connect with the material in a way that they were not able to previously.
Arts education ought to be a platform for learning!”
Larry Fogarty
Bilingual Special Educator
Jordan L. Mott Middle School 22X

“We, at Middle School 223 in the South Bronx, would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with the Jaradoa Theater group during this school year.

On November 16th, April Nickell visited our school and taught a spectacular lesson that had our children eager to learn more about literacy through theater.  We would like them to continue to have these types of experiences, but unfortunately, with a fourth round of budget cuts in the NYC Department of Education, we will be unable to fund the program at this time.

Our arts program is relatively new and we have been searching for opportunities to give our children authentic and engaging arts experiences. We would appreciate anything you could do to help us fund this program and give our children the experience we believe it will provide.”

Rose Greco
Literacy Coach/Arts Coordinator
M.S. 223


·Arts education has had a measurable impact on at-risk youth in deterring delinquent behavior and truancy problems while also increasing overall academic performance (US Department of Justice.)

·More specifically, researchers found that learning in and through the arts:

·   Contributes to improved critical thinking, problem posing, problem solving and decision-making.

·   Involves the communication, manipulation, interpretation and understanding of complex symbols, as much as do language and mathematics.

·   Fosters higher-order thinking skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

·   Regularly engages multiple skills and abilities.

·   Develops a person’s imagination and judgment.

(Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning.)


·Only 8% of elementary schools in New York City meet state standards for arts instruction (Arts Education Partnership, General Accountability Office.)

·22% of school districts surveyed by the Center for Education Policy have reduced instructional time for art and music.

·Teachers at schools with a higher % of low-income or minority students report a greater reduction in time spent on the arts (Center for Education Policy.)