All donations made in the next week towards the Play On! program in two middle schools in the South Bronx will be matched by a Board member (That means $150 becomes $300!).


“Our youth are some of the toughest to work with and it thrilled me to see them move from what looks like boredom, attitude, fear, into releasing their own brilliance, creativity and intelligence.”
-Ruben Austria, BronxConnect, a youth alternative-to-incarceration program.

“One student refused a turn because he was ashamed of his own creative ideas. ‘But it’s your idea,’ I said. ‘If it’s your idea, then it must be good.’ When he finally shared we all had tears in our eyes, and he was proud!”
– Telly Leung, Jaradoan and Play On! Guest Artist

“I was so thrilled to see how encouraged the kids were. It was such a satisfying experience to see them having such a positive and enlightening discovery of the work of writing, directing, and acting.”
-Benjamin Howes, Play On! Guest Artist

“The work Jaradoa is doing is exactly what we want our students to do in the classroom: lift the lines from the page and bring them to life.”
– Renee Houser, Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Program

“Students who don’t necessarily shine in other aspects, they get to shine here.”
– Ms. Kibler, 5th grade teacher


We’re takin’ the D train
to the South Bronx,
but not without your help.
We need to raise
$14,000 to take our Theater and Literacy program to
2 middle schools in
1 of the 5 poorest neighborhoods in the country.


Play On! is a playwriting and acting course that transforms participants into members of a theater company and teaches them the elements of drama, while cultivating personal development and effective communication skills.

Over the course of the program, Play On! Theater Company members prepare and rehearse monologues and write their own short plays. At the beginning of each class, our Guest Artists perform a monologue, scene, song or dance, which the group then analyzes to reinforce the curriculum.

Play On! culminates with these budding actors and playwrights performing their monologues and short plays!