I’m thinking about how little it takes to bring humanity together sometimes; that we are all connected and most of us are happy about it. Sunday at 5 am I was in line for 3 hours at JFK and every flight was cancelled and people were grumpy, but we were somehow more together that morning than we are when all goes well. Yes, there were those who bickered about their place in line, but many more were like those who held my spot so I could get a cup of coffee and the person I handed my phone to when I had finally got through to American Airlines. We were sharing something. Then later, back in the city walking around Central Park, usually anonymous New Yorkers were all talking with each other just because of the snow. We took pictures of each other, shared comments about the man on skis being pulled by his dogs, iditarod style, we cheered on the couple who were trying to create a new sled path in the fresh powder but kept sinking instead. We made eye contact, smiled, and laughed simply because it snowed. These are the moments when we remember we are all the same. I’m so glad my flight was cancelled and I got this chance to experience the unity of humanity in NYC.

Happy Holidays,

April Nickell