Some people stayed for an hour, some stayed for 7. Some wore jammies, some did not, some still insist that what they were wearing was jammies, but the judges still rule that they were not.

Some folks ate pancakes with chocolate and peanut butter chips with no maple syrup. Some ate waffles with real maple syrup. No one ate the Mrs. Butterworth’s maple syrup. And even vegetarians ate the bacon.

The First Annual Jaradoa Jammy Party was a fabulous time! Lovely people came and went, meeting new folks and reconnecting with ones they hadn’t seen in a while. If they asked for bacon, often they ended up flipping it themselves (most notably Eileen Rivera, who was apparently voted Best Bacon Flipper of her 2005 group trip to somewhere I don’t recall).

Seth Rudetsky, his partner James, and James’ daughter Juli arrived directly from Julia Murney’s annual pancake party, wearing the t-shirts to prove it, but they still gamely put away a waffle apiece.

And as the day wound down, Timothy Michael Cooper’s greatest 2010 wish finally came true, and we played his variation on “Celebrity” called “Salad Bowl”, where you don’t just use famous people’s names, you can write down anything at all, as long as it begins with the chosen letter. It was way more fun than I think anyone expected, even if at one point it was perhaps borderline racist. The judges have still not ruled on that, we just know that Penelope Cruz is not Mexican and therefore should not be acted out as wearing a sombrero and eating a taco.

What did we learn? That in 2-K-10, we are going to google it, and google it hard. Why, you ask? Not sure, exactly, but that’s what this year is going to be about. Although I did also hear that 2-K-10 is really 2-K-Men, so I guess the two sides of that debate can duke it out. All I know is we started the year right…