Find out how performers like you have turned their talents into service
with Jaradoa Theater! Check out this self-proclaimed hilarious video to find out what it means to be a  Guest Artist with our Play On! program.
Warning: this video may or may not contain chicken wings.

But what is Play On!, you might ask?
Play On! is a Jaradoa program that uses theater to teach literacy by turning classrooms into theater companies where students become actors and playwrights.

And how does this pertain to you?
One of Jaradoa’s goals is to help artists serve their community by using the theater skills they possess.  So if you’re a performer, you can come act or sing for 6th-8th graders, help them grow as people, and help them read and write better at the same time!

And what does a Guest Artist do?
Guest Artists present a song or monologue to a class which is analyzed and unpacked by students to improve their reading comprehension skills.  Then the Guest Artist helps out with the rest of the session, following the main instructor’s lead, which generally includes improv, games, and cold readings or small group discussions of students’ plays in progress.

So, you wanna come play with us?

We are currently recruiting artists for

Middle School 22 from Feb 9 – Mar 12th. If you can’t do these dates but want to be a Guest Artist in  April or May, let us know!

Email Anika, our volunteer coordinator, at

And hey, if you think you’re interested, but you’re a little nervous or unsure what would be expected of you, just ask!  Lots of folks have volunteered with us and would be happy to share their experience with you.