Play Club is Jaradoa Theater’s monthly gathering to… you guessed it: read a play. Aloud. Together. Afterward, we discuss its themes, virtues, merits and problems. Sometimes the plays are old, sometimes the plays are new. Sometimes we are graced by the presence of the playwright, who might even want your feedback. But there is always, always good company and plenty of fun to be had.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Come to Play Club:

1. You’re a playwright who needs to hear this draft read aloud before you can move on in your process.
2. You’ve always wanted to read the role of Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire, but you’re only 22. And you’re a dude.
3. You’re an aficionado of the classics, and just love to hear the words spoken aloud.
4. You love to be part of the growth of young scribes and help shepherd clear new voices onto the American stage.
5. You’re a non-actor who likes to act with actors.
6. You’ve been meaning to read that play for [fill-in-the-blank] years, but just haven’t made time to sit down and do it.
7. You’re sure this role is perfect for you, and want to deepen your understanding of it by reading the play with a group of talented actors.
8. You want to share your favorite play with an open-minded, appreciative group.
9. You have a play you think Jaradoa might be interested in producing.
10. You like to snack and drink wine.

Sound like you? Then email if you’d like to attend or you have an idea for what we should read next. See you at Play Club!