Caroline, resident of a nursing home in the Bronx, on Jaradoa Radio Theater:
“I loved it!  But next time it should be longer and with alcohol.”


Jaradoa is excited to report that we’ll be presenting a brand new musical this July at The Vineyard’s Dimson Theatre!

There will be an announcement in the press very soon, and we’ll share the details with you then!



Thank you! In December we held a fundraising campaign to take our theater and literacy program to middle schools in the South Bronx, and thanks to the generosity of many of you, we finished our first Play On! cycle last month.  It was an amazing experience with a fantastic group of students who face many struggles.

For less than $80 per student we were able to guide 90 6th, 7th and 8th graders to write their own play and expose them to the guest artistry of 12 professional theater performers. We were delighted to see impressive personal and academic changes in these students in just 5 weeks!

For a reflection on this experience click here!


Jaradoa has formed a posse of our most faithful radio play volunteers, and we’ve dubbed them the Radio Playaz.  We’ve got 24 of them so far, and we fraternized with them last month at our very first ever Radio Playaz ‘Sup (Script Unveiling Pizza and beer) Party at a swanky loft in Tribeca! Read about it!


EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT – Jarabowlaz bowl in the Broadway Bowling League
APRIL 21 – Play Club
APRIL 24 – Radio Play
APRIL 29 – Jarabowlaz End o’ Season Party!
MAY 13 – Radio Play
MAY 19 – Play Club
MAY, DATE TBA – The Kicknic!(kickball game/picnic)
JUNE 16 – Play Club
JUNE 23 – Radio Play
JULY, DATE TBA – The Jaradoa Jam 2010
JULY 1st – 18th
– 16 performances of a new musical!

To find out how to get involved in any of these events, contact Anika at info@jaradoatheater.org.