In American Idiot on Broadway

HOMETOWN: “Miami, but I was born in Winnipeg, and have dual citizenship with Canada.”

WHY JARADOA? “The opportunity to serve in the community using my talents is something I’ve always wanted to have, and this is the perfect mix of people willing to do that. Also, during Jaradoa productions, every member is involved on every level, giving a better appreciation for what we do, what theater is.”

THE DANGERS OF BROADWAY: “A few days before opening night of In the Heights, my Broadway debut, during the onstage fight scene I got punched in the face so hard my teeth went through my lip and I ended up in the emergency room. I couldn’t move my mouth, couldn’t sing, so I didn’t know if I could perform on opening night. My mom told me to just do it. So stage management worked it out so that I could be in the show while my understudy sang my parts offstage!”

FILM DEBUT: “Playing Jennifer Hudson’s boyfriend in the Sex and the City movie. After the first scene I shot with her, she said, “Come back to my trailer.” When we got there, she asked, “You want some chicken wings?” I couldn’t believe it! I said, “Wait a stinkin’ minute, you’re a chicken wing lover too?!? You have an Oscar! And you have chicken wings! Do stars really eat chicken wings?!?” The answer was yes. And now, because Jennifer Hudson wears her chicken wing badge with pride, who am I to lie to the world about who I am? From now on I will wear it on my sleeve…

Joshua wrote a rap about his love of the chicken wing.  Wanna see it?