by Amanda Holland

Last week Jaradoa held its first annual Kicknic (kickball game + picnic), and it was more fun than anyone even anticipated.  Jaradoa ally Amanda Holland (a.k.a. Clogs) was moved to blog about the silly-fun, belly-stuffing good time!

On a gorgeous and somewhat sunny Monday, several members of Jaradoa (Jaradoans) gathered for a day of fierce competition, to play the most grueling sport in the whole US of A… kickball.  Several children came to use the field, but once we kicked them off (and by “kicked off”, I mean let them use it while we had a feast) it was time to play!  First game pit the hometown heroes “UnbelievaBalls” against their long time nemesis “Shake Your Beauty”.  Both teams struggled with their defense but in the last few innings “UnbelievaBalls” came out on top.

The players rehydrated, ate a bunch more, then gathered themselves and it was on to the final game… “Wonderballs” vs. “Rock Out with Your Balls Out”. “Wonderballs” swept the other team in a stunning victory that can only be called legendary.  Both winning teams were lead by Athletic Director and long time kickball lover, Chris Harbur.  But on a serious note, it was amazing!  A real taste of summer in May!  Most people at the event only knew one or two people, but by the end of the day we all knew we would be close facebook friends.  And the food!  So much!  Thankfully a lot of liquid as well.

I hope the Kicknic becomes a monthly or bi-monthly thing because that was just WAY too fun to be annual!  Jaradoans really know how to have a good time!