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Since we’re in pre-production for our next show, we started to reminisce about our past productions! The result? A charming photo flashback for all to enjoy – including commentary from those who lived it! And stay posted for announcements about our upcoming show!

The cast of Shafrika, The White Girl, our musical about Anika Larsen’s childhood growing up with 9 brothers and sisters adopted from all over the world.

Rehearsal for our Gypsy of the Year skit featuring the casts of Shafrika, The White Girl and Avenue Q.

“What a wicked crazy stupid fun rehearsal that was, with all these wildly talented people coming to play with us in a ridiculous hip-hop number choreographed by Luis.  It was one of those times when you don’t want to be in the thing because you want to watch and see how funny and fierce everyone is.  And when you don’t mind being upstaged, cuz you’re being upstaged by a puppet.”
–Anika Larson

Eileen Rivera and Jeremy O’Grady in The Small of Her Back, our first straight play.

“I’ll always treasure working on this piece. It was a thriller, so April, Jeremy and I worked really hard to tell the story so the audience wasn’t ahead of us yet took everyone on a ride. That gun was heavy. (Guns are heavy, people.) Poor Jeremy’s wrist chafed from the handcuffs, and I had to put my ego aside and wear absolutely no makeup. I will also always hold in such high esteem Brandon’s amazing scenic design. He’d put some inside jokes on post-its on the walls, like all Jaradoa members’ names near the lamp, and even at one spot by the front door, the entire condensed plot of the play! Good thing no one noticed.”
–Eileen Rivera

Nicole Lewis, Kelly McCreary and Eileen Rivera singing in the musical Serenade, our first production.

Post-Serenade powwow with the In the Heights creative team:  Heights choreographer Andy Blankenbeuhler, Serenade actor Anika Larsen and director April Nickell, Heights writer/actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, Serenade/Heights actor Joshua Henry, Serenade/Heights choreographer/performer Luis Salgado, and Heights director Tommy Kail.

“This was exciting for me because I had seen In The Heights a few times and loved it, so I was thrilled when “the hot dancer with the hair” became my dear collaborator and the creative team saw my company’s first show!”
–April Nickell


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